About Us

Izna’s Attire, a Bangladeshi women’s clothing brand that launched in October 2022, represents more than just fashion; it symbolizes the intersection of culture, craftsmanship, and contemporary style. With a growing emphasis on sustainable and ethically sourced materials, Izna’s Attire is setting a new standard in the fashion industry. One of the key aspects of its success is a commitment to preserving Bangladesh’s rich textile heritage while embracing modern trends. By blending traditional designs and techniques with a fresh perspective, Izna’s Attire appeals to a wide range of consumers, from the fashion-forward youth to those who appreciate classic elegance.

In just a short time, the brand has gained recognition not only for its stunning collections but also for its commitment to fair labor practices and eco-conscious production methods. This ethical approach has not only earned the trust of consumers but has also set a positive example for the industry.

As Izna’s Attire continues to grow, it has the potential to become a global ambassador for Bangladeshi fashion, showcasing the country’s cultural diversity and craftsmanship while contributing to a more sustainable and responsible fashion ecosystem.



Tabassum Jahan Mumu